Tributes to Go to Special Fund

One of the most meaningful ways to give to First City Network now available in the form of tributes, special donations given in honor of someone living, or in memory of someone who has died.  Tribute donations beyond membership amounts will go to FCN’s Community Center Fund, which will serve all facets of our LGBT community:  seniors, students, the needy, community organizers, and much more.  What better way is there to remember someone, than to have their spirit of giving continue in this special place?

For memorials, the surviving spouse, child, or other loved one is contacted to let them know of your gift, and for honoraria, the person being honored is contacted.  Tributes will also be recognized to the membership at large in a listing in the Network News.  In all correspondence and newsletter listings, no mention is made of the amount.

Tributes can be a truly moving and personal way to show respect and love.  So many in our community who are no longer with us, or that live as unsung heroes among us, have sacrificed much to make us what we are today.  Perhaps now is the time to remember and honor those who have come before?  Please see our Membership page to give a tribute to someone.