This Is What LGBT Groups Like To Do

Some people around town seem to view our towing company as their own personal taxi service. This means that we get some strange calls sometimes, but one of my most memorable calls was the guy that kept calling me and asking me to tow his car home with him inside it because he was too drunk to drive. Where was he calling from? His work. I guess he must have an awfully hard job. He calls nearly every day. Lucky us.

Let us go and find out what Sergeant Philip and Lieutenant Mark Swesner are up to. The two were on the same team for tour of booty. They had gone out to deal with an air war that had been in progress for a while, at the same time the ground war was only a few weeks off. Philip and Mark were given their positions but all of a sudden a jackal wonders up. A look at the jackal satisfied their anxiety that it was either injured or malnourished. It came stumbling towards them. Philip decides to pull out his 9mm pistol, and as he aimed to take the jackal out, Mark came out and reached to him. Mark instead picked up a rock and hurled it at the jackal and killed it. Later, he was heartbroken that he had killed it and blamed Philip for that.

In 2013, five years old David Michael had his feet and hands tied with a tie, and he was taken from his school to the hospital for the psychiatric check-up. The boy was then charged with assault on a police office & fake cops. The officer was called to the school to speak to David. David’s school had arranged the meeting in an attempt to scare the hyperactive boy straight and stop him from disrupting the classes. This was funny since the boy was treated like an adult criminal offense despite the facts that it was the meeting itself that upset the child, and this caused him to act out.

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